Nina Turner Decides To Escape From Hillary Clinton’s Camp

Photo by AFGE, per
Photo by AFGE, per

Former Senator Nina Turner, of Ohio, has announced her escape from the Hillary Clinton campaign by endorsing Bernie Sanders.

Nina Turner’s endorsement for Bernie comes on the heels of his largest union endorsement, the American Postal Workers’ Union, with 200,000 members.

Former state Senator Nina Turner has become known nationally as a prominent voice on voting rights and other issues, including her support for Hillary Clinton. Nina has been a supporter of the “Ready for Hillary” super PAC, and met with Ms. Clinton as recently as last month.

In spite of her work for “Ready for Hillary,” Nina Turner has never formally endorsed Hillary Clinton. It is, after all, still a full year until the presidential election. Seth Bringman, former “Ready for Hillary” communications director, is not happy with this turn of events. His frustration was so intense, he accused Nina of abandoning the Democratic party. In what can only be regarded as a very confused, somewhat exaggerated statement, Bringman said,

“I am very disappointed that my friend Nina Turner is abandoning Ohio Democrats in our fight to rebuild our state Party. No one in Ohio asked her to do this.”

It would seem Seth Bringman considers Nina incapable of independent thought. Ms. Turner is completely capable of making intelligent decisions without his help and, as an intelligent adult, she is capable of taking action without waiting for a request. When choosing to support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, Nina made a conscious decision. She stated she is supporting Bernie because of his stance on voting rights. Put another way, she “is not” endorsing Hillary Clinton because of her stand on voting rights. Nina said,

“I’m very attracted by his message and his style — and that he has held pretty much strong on his beliefs and the world is catching up with him.” 

Turner added that Sanders’ positions on voting rights and wage issues have stood out to her.

Though Nina Turner no longer holds an elected office, her endorsement is a promising turn of events in terms of Democracy. Her actions suggest people are becoming uncomfortable with Hillary Clinton’s manipulation tactics and hidden agendas. Ms. Turner once sat on the board of Correct the Record, the pro-Clinton super PAC founded by Democratic activist David Brock (the group responsible for a smear campaign against Bernie). She is currently serving as the Ohio Democratic Party’s engagement chair, but plans take a leave of absence while working for Bernie. Nina will start in Iowa, where she will speak on Bernie’s behalf. She will also introduce him at a rally in Ohio.

There is little doubt Nina will be an important leader, and a source of strength, within the campaign.


Keith D. Foote

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