#NVDemConvention – Response to Harry Reid:

Senator Reid,
There was no violence at the Nevada State Democratic Convention on Saturday May 14th, 2016. Members of the western states Democratic Party, such as event chairwoman Roberta Lange and California Senator Barbara Boxer, began the day on low notes as they belittled, chortled, and denigrated Sanders delegates at the convention. They were disrespectful, disingenuous, and made statements about Clinton being the candidate from the beginning of the day.

As many videos have shown, Chairwoman Lange passed motions without majority, rushed through whatever she felt was unpleasant, and refused constitutional democracy to thousands of democrats in Las Vegas that way. This has been widely documented on video evidence from delegates demanding equality. What they did not do, was witness a single act of violence at the convention. This convention was widely recorded and reported on by members of the media such as myself. Mainstream media, and Clinton cronies, have reported Sanders supporters as wild and violent people particularly at this event. This is slander, and libel. Our platform is not violence and harming others, that is a Clinton platform for war and destroying America that we refuse to have shoved down our throats.

I arrived at 7:15 am. I went through my check in process as a delegate quickly and with no fuss. I was in line waiting to be admitted to the main hall in the Paris convention center when we were allowed entry. As a writer, I chose only to leave the room when required to by director of event staff, and to occasionally use the restroom. At no point during the day was there violence, abuse, or threats. There were loud voices. If Chairwoman Lange is not comfortable with loud voices and takes them as threat, she is perhaps not the best choice for a convention chair.

I was also present at 10:32 pm when Rampage Roberta Lange banged the gavel on open motions, and shattered the democratic party of Nevada. This was followed by her fleeing the room for no reason other than spectacle and grandstanding for the violence excuse. Even with pressure and stress from staff, who unnecessarily detained us for a 17 hour day due to negligence (or hoping that Sanders delegates would leave) there was still only verbal protest and verbal outrage. At 10:28 when we had started counting, over 800 Sanders delegates were still within the room, while Clinton supporters numbered less than 300 as they had loaded up their buses and left many hours before. The fine officers of our local law enforcement were present in the room prior to close. They loitered at the back and were unnoticed by most, however we took a picture immediately. Her banging the gavel was their signal to swoop towards the crowd and advise us that we were on private property and would be arrested on misdemeanor charges if we chose to stay. There was still only verbal protest and verbal outrage. What did we demand? Democracy. What did we yell? Chants of “not our party” and “Sanders”.

We were loud. We were forceful about achieving our rights for our election. We were passionate. We screamed when the convention was closed without resolution and our party turned its back on voters who don’t fall blindly in line behind the Clinton machine. Violence is not condoned by our candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, nor have I ever met a violent Sanders supporter or “Bernie bro”. Evidence of violence is not available, as the only violent act was performed by Wendell Pierce, a Clinton supporter, as documented by arrest records.

You are correct Senator Reid, this is a test of leadership. However it is not a test of Senator Sanders’ leadership. It is a test of the leadership of the Democratic Party who turn blind eyes on suppression, voter fraud, and that Senator Sanders’ is the obvious choice for a future to believe in.


Anna McCann

Anna McCann - lives in Las Vegas/Hawaii. Mom, Wife, Pilot, nerd, outdoor enthusiast, hiker, lifeguard, obstacle runner, conservationist who likes to live as off grid as possible and love the land. Controller for a multi media publishing company (for now) and life changer with The Bern Report. I don’t try things, I conquer them. Lets change the world. #NotMeUs

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