Parody Artist Takes NSYNC ‘Pop’ And Gives It a Bernie Sanders Spin and It’s Amazing

NSYNC Bernie

Bernie Parody Artist, Keith Rubino, is back at it again following up the massive success of his latest two Eminem Bernie Sanders parodies.

This time?  NSYNC.  ‘Bernie Pop.”

Check out the video HERE.

Rubino said he had the idea just like all of his other ones; Driving on his 25 minute commute to work.   “I just really love listening to music on the way up to work, and ever since Bernie’s passion inspired me to be a political activist, I found myself always messing around with popular songs on the way to work trying to “Bernify them.”

Rubino’s latest work involved securing different locations for filming with 8 other individuals who helped him with lighting, sound, and videography.   Rubino gave a specific shout out to John Gamble.   Rubino says Gamble is responsible for “making wizard magic on every single track I record.   It’s incredible.”

Rubino has no idea what is next when it comes to another Bernie Parody.   But he knows he wants to do another before the Convention.  “Maybe Backstreet Boys.  I know there’s a lot of Nostalgia for folks with both of those boy bands.  Or maybe we’ll go mainstream and do a One Direction Cover.

One thing’s for sure.  NSYNC would be proud.

Check out the video HERE.


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