Pastor and Founder of the Empowerment Temple Dr. Jamal Bryant Endorses Sanders

Empowerment CenterLISLE, Ill. — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders picked up the endorsement of pastor and founder of Empowerment Temple African American Episcopal Church, Dr. Jamal Bryant.

“I endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders because he speaks to aiding the poor when Hillary Clinton speaks to the shrinking middle class,” Bryant said.

Bryant is the youngest person to be inducted into the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame. His consistency and dedication in preaching the gospel and championing equality among people of all walks have earned his a strong reputation across the globe. Dr. Bryant is a pastor with a global mission. With more than 10,000 members at Empowerment Temple, located in Baltimore, Maryland, he is noted for giving the eulogy of Freddie Gray and leading the civil protest for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

“When you survey the candidates of those who are running whether its Rubio, Cruz or Hillary Clinton, there is but one candidate in my mind who best represents and best speaks to the pains the problems and the complexities of black people and that is one Sen. Bernie Sanders,” Bryant continued. “It is my prayer, my hope and my vote that he will be the next president of not just Black America, but the yet-to-be United States of America.”

Bryant is the latest African-American leader to back Sanders for president. Actor, director and philanthropist Spike Lee, former NAACP CEO and President Ben Jealous, former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner and Rep. Keith Ellison have also announced their support for Sanders’ White House bid.

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