Remember: Real Revolutions Don’t Stop When Critics Get Mad


Imagine what would have happened if Civil Rights protesters had “watched their tone” and tempered their movement when critics began to complain that they were being unrealistic, childish, and divisive.  Fortunately, they persevered through mocking and insults, threats, and even violence.  Assured of the righteousness of their cause, they protested, boycotted, and engaged in sit-ins.  They were loud, they were proud, and eventually they helped usher in tremendous legislative acts like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Imagine what would have happened if Women’s Rights advocates had “watched their tone” and tempered their movement when critics began to complain that they were being unrealistic, childish, and divisive.  Imagine what would have happened if LGBT activists had toned it down.  If suffragettes had toned it down.  If abolitionists had toned it down.  If our Founding Fathers had toned it down.

After New York and the five “Acela” primaries, the establishment is once again calling for Bernie Sanders to call off his political revolution and fall in line behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.  Sanders’ supporters have been threatened with labels like “childish” and “divisive” if they do not “fall in” and join the Clinton camp.  The pro-Clinton punditry have declared that the “Bernie Or Bust” movement will accomplish nothing but ushering bombastic billionaire Donald Trump into the Oval Office.

Apparently, the pro-Clinton punditry did not fare particularly well in U.S. History class:  Revolutions do not stop when critics get mad.  

The talking heads do not realize that we Berners will not stop just because Clinton’s supporters are starting to complain.  This is a revolution, and we are right.  We will not stop until we accomplish our goals.  You can either join us, or settle in for a fight.

Would the pundits have told African Americans to pipe down and go home because people were complaining about the protests, boycotts, and citizens?  Would the pundits have told women to pipe down and go back to the kitchen because people were skeptical about the role of women in the workplace?  Obviously, no political pundit who wishes to remain employed would utter anything but full-throated support for the aggressive tactics utilized by women, minorities, and LGBTQ citizens in pursuit of their goals of equal rights.

“Those aggressive tactics were necessary for their movements to be taken seriously, generate energy, and inspire the undecided,” the pundits would stammer when accused of being unsupportive of the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights movements.

Well, then, how is today’s progressive political revolution any different?  We Berners are demanding universal health care, which is enjoyed by all other industrialized nations, tuition-free higher education for qualified students, and a modern New Deal to rejuvenate our nation’s aging infrastructure and bolster the working and middle classes.  This is a demand, not a request.  It is right and just, and it is necessary to prevent national decay.

We Berners will not yield, and history will prove us right.  The only thing that remains to be seen is whether we are successful this year, in 2016, or whether the establishment will hold out a little longer.  But, mark my words:  Those who resist the righteous revolution will be judged harshly after its conclusion.  Many pundits, journalists, and politicians will be disgraced by the Internet’s unblinking eye.  By 2036, many of those who mocked Bernie Sanders and democratic socialism will be regretting their snarky words and hostile rhetoric.

This revolution is real, and it is not going away.  Join us and help create a better future for America.  If you refuse, do not be surprised when future generations criticize you as “one of those people.”


Calvin Wolf

By day, Calvin Wolf is a high school social studies teacher. By night, he is a freelance writer and novelist, penning political thrillers and commentary on politics, education, economics, foreign policy, and culture. In the past, he's worked as a professional cartoonist and as a backpacking guide. He once stood between a mother bear and her cub and emerged unscathed!

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