Prejudice, Republicans, Tax Cuts, & The Killing Of Blacks

Photo by John T. Bledsoe - Library of Congress via wikipedia
Photo by John T. Bledsoe – Library of Congress via wikipedia

The Republicans have been representing prejudice against blacks for several decades, now.  It effects their obvious behavior, as in dealing with President Obama, and effects their more subtle behavior, as in not being able to approve a Supreme Court Justice, and on the state level, cutting funding for programs, such as regularly retraining police.

Charlie Christ was a Republican who switched sides, becoming a Democrat, because he found the racial prejudice against President Obama to be unreasonable and contemptuous. Christ is quoted as saying,

“Because I was a Republican, and I saw the activists and what they were doing, it was intolerable to me. As I told you before, my mother and father taught my three sisters and me to treat everybody well –we’re all children of God – and I saw how the party, some of them, were treating the African-American president, and I couldn’t take it anymore.”

In 2009, he hugged President Barack Obama after introducing him at an event for an economic stimulus package they both supported. That was the end of Charlie Christ’s career as a Republican.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson once stated the Republican Party is “full of racists” who wanted President Obama out of office because of the color of his skin. He said,

“Let me just be candid, my party is full of racists. And the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander-in-chief and president, and everything to do with the color of his skin. And that’s despicable.”

That is the Republican’s expression of prejudice at the Federal level. At the state and local levels, Republicans in charge of funding have cut training for police. As a general rule, in our modern tax slashing environment, police are trained in a police academy, and then, that’s it. No training updates. No retraining for modern situations. No retraining for white cops who are afraid of black men. This explains why cops with over 10 years of experience are generally the ones doing the shootings. Sure, they have 10 years or more of experience, but their training took place over 10 years ago, and if not forgotten, is outdated. This is why younger cops generally aren’t doing the shooting. Their training is superior, more recent, and not forgotten. Cops need periodic retraining, and they are not getting it. Why? Because of Republican tax cuts. Forget about black lives. Forget about blue lives. Saving the rich from paying higher taxes is the Republican priority.

There are Republicans who are not racist, and who are disgusted by the behavior and actions of their party. Many are dismayed at their party’s efforts to prevent people from voting through archaic voter suppression tactics. But it impossible to reject the truth. On a broad scale, the Republican Party supports racism. The Party rarely reprimands its members for racially charged language, and attempts (with some success) to stop minorities from voting. Can they really claim these are not expressions of racism? And isn’t passive support of prejudice just as bad as the act of prejudice?


Keith D. Foote

Keith is also a freelance writer. He has written an alternative physics book titled the Ultra-Space Field Theory, and 2 sci-fi novels. Keith has been following politics, and political promises, for the last forty years. He gave up his car, preferring to bicycle and use public transport. Keith enjoys yoga, mini adventures, spirituality, and chocolate ice cream.

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