Sanders adds Montana Dem Jean Lemire Dahlman to superdelegate count

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, still in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination despite several other media outlets’ proclamations, has garnered the support of Montana
Democratic National Committee Chairperson Jean Limir Dahlman.

According to Politico, Dahlman waited for the June 7 Montana primary – which was won by Sanders 51 to 48 percent to make her decision.

None of Montana’s other five superdelegates, including; Gov. Steve Bullock; Sen. Jon Tester; DNC member Jacquie Helt; DNC member Jim Larson; and DNC member Jorge Quintana, have declared support for either Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

The night before the final Super Tuesday, The Associated Press called the race for the Democratic nomination for Hilary Clinton who now has 2203 delegates of the 2383 needed for the nomination. The Associated Press, even with the DNC insisting the media shouldn’t count superdelegates until the Democratic National Convention, has Clinton at 2,784, with 581 of those being superdelegates.

Sanders sits at 1,828 and 49 superdelegates.

Dahlman’s support might won’t make a huge difference but at least the Montana politician is doing what her state wants her to do.

And while Clinton has the lead in pledged delegates and it seems unlikely that almost 400 superdelegates will flip to Sanders, there is the matter of the pending FBI investigation. So while Clinton claims to have ‘made history’ as the first female major party candidate, she also might make history as the first major party candidate to be nominated while under FBI investigation.

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Shawn Skager

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