Sanders will reveal all taxes when Clinton unveils speech transcripts

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Jane Sanders told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tuesday that she and her husband will make their tax returns public when Hillary Clinton releases transcripts of the paid speeches she makes to Wall Street, foreign governments and foreign and domestic corporations.

According to the interview, the Sanders have already released their 2014 taxes and had called out at that time for Clinton to release transcripts.

Jane Sanders said:

You know what’s interesting is we released the 2014. Hillary Clinton hasn’t released a transcript yet.

Clinton reportedly makes a minimum of $225,000 for speaking appearances, but according to a Feb. 19 Forbes article Clinton’s financial disclosure forms are muddied by whether she reports fees for speeches as personal income or charity money for the Clinton Foundation.

According to the article by Robert W. Wood:

Normally, the IRS doesn’t let taxpayers pick and choose. But this is no normal family, nor is it a normal charity.

The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation admitted collecting $26.4 million in previously unreported speaking fees from foreign governments, foreign and U.S. corporations. For tax purposes, who is the recipient, and how late can the Clintons decide?

A 2008 ethics agreement required the Foundation to disclose its funding sources. The Washington Post reported the long list of Clinton speeches with fees ranging from $10,000 to $1 million. The Foundation admits much was not disclosed publicly because they were treated as revenue, not donations. When the Foundation belatedly provided a listing of the speeches, the disclosure and list shows that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton turned over between $12 million and $26 million.

The Sanders finances are controlled by, and in Jane Sanders’ name according to their public disclosure form, The couple’s assets are pegged between $194,026 and $741,030, much of it squirreled away in investment funds.

In the Blitzer interview, Jane Sanders tried to steer the interview back to the issues the campaign feels is important the American people.

I implore you as a leading, wonderful host of a major show, please talk about the issues that concern the American people instead of delegate math and who can win or who can lose.

Jane Sanders also told Blitzer that Bernie Sanders will support whoever wins the Democratic nomination, although Jane’s husband has hinted lately that Clinton would have to make drastic changes to her platform to gain his support.

We have always said we will support the democratic nominee. But not in April. In July.



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    April 26, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    We love Jane I love how she called wolfie out . Talk about real things This is NOT reality TV garbage . Get Real lame stream Corporate Media most of us have unplugged, and love not paying Cable Bills any longer. Our Revolution is Being Streamed . We don’t need you anymore, you irrelevant NOW.
    Feel the Bern We need Bernie and Jane in the White House. I Will Never get behind Killy EVER .She can Never win my vote . EVER Bernie or Bust for me and my Family and for this PLANET

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