The Fight Continues

Over the course of the last few weeks many people involved in the #NotMeUs movement noticed the shift in the plans of the political establishment. As Bernie Sanders swept the first three states, backroom meetings were going on behind the scenes and the main topic of discussion was on how to stop or slow down the surging Sanders.

Despite former Vice President Joe Biden getting absolutely crushed in Nevada, it was surprisingly considered some type of win for him and as his campaign delivered the “Joe Is Back” mainstream media was there to help push. It was to be expected after seeing the reaction of the pundit class and they knew they were in real trouble. Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews showed the establishment cards after Bernie’s landslide victory in Nevada and now we are seeing that play out. The Democratic establishment would rather have Trump for four more years than to allow progressives a crack at fixing what is wrong in this country.

Last night I wrote out some thoughts on Twitter, highlighting some of the events of the last few weeks. Check it out below and see if you don’t agree.

It’s pretty clear once you piece things together that the events of Super Tuesday were not a random occurrence. The Biden surge was orchestrated by the top party brass including former President Obama and executed by the corporate media. While we’ll dig a bit more into this soon, with five states voting on March 10, all energy needs to be focused on those states at the present time. We have a great chance to do well on that day and counter the manufactured surge of Biden if we stay engaged.