The horror, the horror (heaven help me, I’m a pundit now)

Don’t know what got into me, but I signed up to be a contributor here.
I’ve always suspected that what makes a pundit a pundit is a certain arrogant belief that everyone should have the benefit of your brilliance, whether they want it or not. Hence George F. Will, David Brooks, S. E. Cupp and the rest of the blowhards clamoring for our attention.
Why not me, then? I’m as arrogant a blowhard as they, at least in my living room. Plus I’m not being paid, so you can trust me. Now you get my opinion without having to come to my living room, yay!
My first salvo:

Trump is like a 2 year old child pulling its pants down at the family picnic. Don’t pay attention, positive or negative, or he’ll never stop. That said, I’ll pay attention to him now, but briefly, and I’ll stop using his name.

A big fuss is made about the momentary Republican front runner, while the MSM tries to portray our friend Bernie as irrelevant, if they portray him at all. Even those of us who #FeelTheBern get caught up in focusing our attention on the Republican horror show as if we were driving by a car wreck and couldn’t help but look.

A little perspective, courtesy of Gallup:
There are 25% more Democrats than Republicans now. That means that there are roughly the same amount of Bernie supporters nationwide as the other guy has, not even counting the independent voter. The Republican is polling at 32%, Bernie’s at 24% of Democrats nationwide and rising fast. A Republican front runner, impressive as that may sound, is a big fish in a pond that’s being drained. Bernie is a big fish getting bigger, in a great overflowing sea.

Plus, there are fully twice as many Independents as Republicans. The polls count those who identify with the traditional two parties. Independents are the biggest political group by far, we’ll grab a lot of those votes.There’s a reason the majority of Americans identify with neither of the two main parties, which is that they’re tired of being force fed baloney, and that makes many of them our natural constituents.

The Republican front runner is the political equivalent of Plankton from the SpongeBob cartoon. Let’s turn our attention to meaningful things, like getting our man Bernie in the White House where he belongs.



Southern California born and raised, with a long detour (21 years) through Europe. I've seen European Socialism first hand, and guess what? It's pretty cool. Turns out universal healthcare, free tuition, environmental protection, cops that don't shoot, state funded elections and strong unions make for well-being and prosperity all around. Now I'm back in California, ready to do what I can to get us a proper President this time around.