Trump’s Lead Over Clinton Expands to 7 Points

The Democratic establishment was hoping for a bounce in the polls when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders begrudgingly endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Well the bounce happened but it went the other way. Donald Trump has now expanded his lead to 7 points nationally in the latest Rasmussen Reports poll and with a terribly flawed candidate such as Clinton, even as unappealing as Trump is, that lead will grow.

Check out the full results of the poll HERE

Graphic courtesy of Rasmussen Reports
Graphic courtesy of Rasmussen Reports

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been in a free fall in the polls ever since she announced her candidacy and no amount of keeping her out of the spotlight and/or sugarcoating her record is likely to stop that. The steady drip, drip, drip of the email controversy will not go away and they’ve barely even touched on the public corruption of The Clinton Foundation. The steady releases from Guccifer 2.0 showing DNC collusion with Clinton won’t help and neither will the next dump from Wikileaks that Julian Assange has promised.

If the superdelegates do not flip to Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention, there stands a very good chance we will someday be calling Donald Trump Mr. President. That’s of course if Trump actually wants to be President. But regardless of whether or not he is trolling America or not, if he does in fact win,the undemocratic-acting democratic establishment has only themselves to blame. They had one of the strongest candidates in decades in Bernie Sanders.

The way I see it, the superdelegates have one more chance to do the right thing, otherwise they will have to deal with the consequences of a Trump White House. This is on them, not Sanders supporters that refuse to vote for politicians that carry the baggage that Clinton does.

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