Trump and Turboencabulators and Ruling Without the Rich

A Trump supporter posted a video insult against Bernie supporters on YouTube, and it’s making the usual rounds. It’s a typical thing from a Trumpeter, an attack that essentially doesn’t say anything at all. It’s ad hominem, and presents no counter argument.

The video is fiction, of course, an in-joke among professional engineers, and it makes about as much sense as any proposal Trump has put forward. Take for instance his idea to make Mexico pay for the wall, something he hopes to achieve by essentially preventing Mexicans here from sending money back to Mexico until the Mexican government caves and agrees to foot the bill. Legalities aside, it makes as much sense as the video to everyone but a Trump supporter. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the poster of the video took it at its word and thought Turboencabulators to be real things.


Still, in a sense, I’d say this video has a ring of truth around it. It is what we hear because it’s what the economic system has become for those not in the 1%, a rambling hodgepodge of inbred gibberish that makes about as much sense to the average person—Trump supporters included—as a drunk Sarah Palin would to a group of aliens looking for intelligent life on Earth. They would conclude there is none and leave. It why there’s a huge—and growing—division of wealth and opportunity. People look at the world much like those aliens would, and for all they see about how to get ahead, it might as well be this guy talking about maleable logarithmic casings, panametric fams, hydrocoptic Marzel veins, and how those veins are fitted to his ambifacient lunar wayne-shaft.

Also note that side fumbling is effectively prevented. It’s a perfectly designed system that funnels energy (money) in one direction only.

And this is why we need Bernie. The wheels and shafts spin round and round and there’s always someone on top to reap the rewards while those on bottom remain mired there. Bernie’s idea is simple. He will do as the Khaleesi would, he will break the wheel, or rather the ambifacient lunar wayne-shaft.

“It’s a beautiful dream,” as Tyrion says, “ruling without the rich.”

And that is the whole point, ruling without the Lannisters, the Tyrells, and especially, the Trumps.



Dave O'Leary

Dave O'Leary is a writer, musician, and Bernie supporter living in Seattle. He also writes for Northwest Music Scene where his music articles grew into this second novel, The Music Book.

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