Watch: Joe Biden is being Hidden Because of his Severe Cognitive Decline

Over the past few days especially, it has been come clear that Joe Biden and his team are hiding him from the media and even from his own supporters because every time he is in public, his dementia and cognitive decline become clearer for a wider audience. This meant that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has had to beg Joe Biden for an interview, and multiple sources from CNBC to CNN have noted Biden avoided screen time to hide his weaknesses.

This is all being done, and being encouraged by the DNC to ensure Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the ability to mount a comeback after Super Tuesday. The DNC is even changing debate formats to make it easier for Biden to evade scrutiny.

But even if this gets him the nomination, it won’t win him the general election because he won’t be able to hide from media, debates, and Donald Trump.


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