With Bernie Winning the Facebook Battle – Let’s Look at Some Numbers

Recently the Sanders camp blasted by the Clinton camp on Facebook in terms of fans that have liked the page and a quick glance at each page tell two completely different stories. The social engagement battle is clearly being won by Bernie and his army of people that #feelthebern. When he or his team post something on Facebook it will as a rule gain tens of thousand likes with thousands of shares. Bernie’s engagement(Likes, Shares, Comments) is very high with everything he or his team posts, in fact he could probably make his own social media network if he wanted to. When Hillary posts something the engagement is far less, generally 15-20% of Sanders’ engagement and that is within her own fanbase.

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Back in the beginning of July, when Hillary held a 200,000 plus fan-count lead over Bernie in the Facebook department see HERE we started watching the engagement and noticed that even with far less fans, Sanders was getting much more engagement.  The bigger numbers that she had were simply not delivering much. Big numbers look pretty but with no action, they are meaningless.

With Sanders comfortably in the lead on Facebook we wanted to look at some numbers. Here are some screen shots taken on 9/9/2015 from each of their Facebook fanpage insights section.

Bernie Sanders Facebook Fanpage Insights 9/9/2015

Engagement Rate: 27.89%
Hillary Clinton Facebook Fanpage Insights 9/9/2015

Engagement Rate: 19.63%

The LikeAlyzer Engagement Rate is calculated by taking the total PTAT (people talking about this) and dividing by the total number of likes. That methodology shows Sanders with a commanding lead there as well.

Okay so the graphs and infographics are cool and do tell a story but let’s take a look at random posts from each candidate. To make things as fair as possible we used posts that have been up on the pages for the same amount of time. You’ll see here that Sanders get’s much more real-life action and that is a big reason that his campaign has went viral.

6 hours prior to writing this article the Bernie Sanders page posted the following image which even though it has been on Facebook for 3 hours less has a combined engagement of 16,445.

9 hours before writing this the Hillary Clinton page posted this which has a combined engagement of 9,479.





G.A. Dunlap

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