AP strangely backpedals on Clinton nominee announcement

As if the calling of the Democratic race wasn’t strange enough already, I mean especially since over 700 votes won’t even be cast until the Democratic National Convention in late July…hang on – it gets weirder.

At 5:20 p.m. on June 6, the Associated Press jumped the proverbial gun and called this race over. You can see from the screen shot below that it wasn’t taken out of context.

They called it. Definitively.

And of course every media source on the planet ran with that, because of course they are the Associated Press. But where it starts to get a little weird is that 34 minutes after AP called the race, the Clinton campaign put out the tweet you can see below. They were flattered but said they had more work to do.

Fair enough, seems like a good thing to say, I mean with the biggest state in the country and five other states yet to vote and all. So what does AP do? They walked back the Clinton announcement. Instead of calling the race over, she was now to be called the “presumptive nominee”.  Based on the timing of their walking back of the first announcement, it seems possible, even likely that it was in response to the Clinton campaign’s reaction to calling the race.

If you needed more proof that there is very little that resembles journalism coming out of mainstream media, this should be it.

AP Backpedals

This will be something watch though because if they once again call her THE nominee after California, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico and Montana have had a chance to vote but before the Democratic National Convention, they will have for once and for all revealed in the public eye who they really are working for.

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