Sanders garners endorsement from DNC superdelegate Pat Cotham

Sticking to his vow to fight until the end, Sanders got a boost Monday with the endorsement of Democratic Committeewoman Pat Cotham, a North Carolina superdelegate.Cotham told Politico it’s a decision that’s been brewing for awhile – “…it’s been coming on me the last few weeks really.”

Cotham, a Mecklenburg County commissioner, cited Sanders’ chances against Republican Presumptive Candidate Donald Trump in the general election as her main reason for backing Sanders..

“He can beat Trump and we cannot have Donald Trump. The polls show that [Bernie] has a better chance of beating him than Secretary Clinton does. That’s just how I came to it.”

Cotham said she was first contacted by the Clinton campaign’s southern region political director Hans Goff in July of 2015 about endorsing Clinton. Cotham said she was sent a pledge form to fill out, but added that a week later, she emailed back saying she was uncomfortable signing a pledge that early.

“I will support the nominee of the Dems,” Cotham said, adding that she still supported Sanders even after the AP called the primary for Clinton.


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Shawn Skager

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