Dean Predicts Clinton Will be Running The Democratic National Convention


Dean also predicted that “Hillary’s people will take over running the convention.” – Politico

Here at The Bern Report report we have generally worked hard to avoid shocking headlines, instead going for something a little more thoughtful and accurate.

If you are shocked by this latest one, I don’t blame you, I am a bit shocked myself. I think a lot of us that call ourselves Bernie supporters were taken aback when the news broke yesterday that Clinton would be taking over control of the DNC. Yes, we all wanted to see the DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ran out of town but she isn’t actually being replaced, contrary to what you may be reading on social media. She is being moved aside so Clinton and her team can run the show.

I still have some questions about this though and “That’s the way it’s done” isn’t quite going to cut it with me this time.

First off, who gave Clinton and her cronies permission to take over the DNC? Yes I understand that the nominee generally takes over the operations of the DNC to prepare for the general election and that makes sense but Clinton has not officially won the nomination yet. She has only been called the presumptive nominee. Unless I am missing something here of course, the DNC themselves have said that no one will officially be the nominee until the convention.

In fact, it couldn’t have more clear when Luis Miranda, the communications director for the DNC went on CNN on April 28 and told them to stop counting the superdelegates.

Now, much has been previously said about superdelegates so I’m not going to go back down that rabbit hole at the moment but who gave Clinton or the DNC permission to allow her campaign to take over not only the DNC itself but also according to Dean, the convention itself? Was this just another strong-arm move by the Clintons in which they arrogantly say “just try and stop us”?

If I’m being honest with myself, I’d have to answer my own question with “they play by their own set of rules”. And political parties are considered private organizations or a club if you will, so they could technically make up their own rules and get away with it. It doesn’t feel or seem right but they have displayed throughout this entire nominee process that they had made their choice for nomination. In many cases that decision was made long before Bernie even announced he was running. And make no mistake, almost everyone in that private club is on her team.

But where does this leave Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters? Many of them are planning to travel to Philadelphia to the convention under the pretense that they will have some say in the future of the direction this country is headed in. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. Sure people can go there and protest(and I might be one of them) but in my opinion the chances of Bernie being able to do much with Clinton running the convention are slim to none. Yes, they will pretend but the handwriting is on the wall.

You might recall a few weeks ago that a lawyer representing the Sanders campaign sent a scathing letter to the DNC asking that certain members be removed from the platform and rules committees. People that detest Sanders and his millions of supporters. You can read that HERE. Of course the request to have the members disqualified didn’t go anywhere and it would appear that Clinton will have her people in every step of this shell game. Some are saying that this was planned along, that this is ending up just how they all wanted it and they probably aren’t far from the truth, if not spot-on.

Sure, Sanders supporters will continue to fight and it might get messy and loud at the convention and out in the streets surrounding the venue.(outside of the wall the Democratic party is building of course) but if Clinton is allowed to run the convention I think we know what to expect and that is more of the same old song and dance that politicians have been playing for us for years.

Dean also predicted that “Hillary’s people will take over running the convention.” – Politico


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G.A. Dunlap