Sanders’ Lawyer Requests That Frank and Malloy be Removed From DNC Committees

Photo of Debbie Wasserman Schultz by Medill DC via
Photo of Debbie Wasserman Schultz by Medill DC via

It’s probably the worst kept secret in America that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has done just about everything in her power to stack the deck in favor of her “old” boss Hillary Clinton during this primary campaign. We’ve had #DebateGate, the data breach incident and deafening silence from the DNC as voter suppression happened in several states.

Earlier this month former U.S. Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton – and Sanders supporter- Robert Reich, posted on Facebook, accusing Wasserman-Schultz of overwhelmingly choosing Hillary Clinton supporters for positions in three crucial convention committees: rules, credentials and platform.

Apparently Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, doesn’t care if she alienates Bernie followers. The Sanders campaign had been hoping for a significant role at the Democratic convention, but Wasserman Schultz has picked 75 members of the convention’s key committees — rules, credentials and platform – and accepted only 3 of Bernie’s choices, failing to acknowledge the proportion of the vote Bernie has won in the primaries and caucuses. Negotiations with the DNC have failed to add any additional Bernie picks to any of the standing committees.

Two in particular that the Sanders campaign would like disqualified as co-chairs of the Standing  Rules Committee are former Representative Barney Frank and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy. In a scathing letter to the DNC released on Friday from Sander’s attorney Brad Deutsch, the Sanders campaign is demanding that Frank and Malloy be disqualified from their respective committees

Here’s what the Sanders campaign had to say about Frank:

Mr Frank’s animosity toward Senator Sanders dates back decades. In 1991, while serving alongside Se. Sanders on the House Financial Service Committee, Mr. Frank accused Sanders of “unduly denigrating the institution and a lot of the members of Congress. See HERE

“I think he has unduly denigrated the institution and a lot of the members,” said Representative Barney Frank, a liberal Democrat from Massachusetts. “It does not help leftist causes to make people think government is full of poltroons and charlatans.” – From the 1991 New York Times article.

In a March 2016 interview, Mr. Frank defamed Sanders as “outrageously McCarthyite”. When asked to conform that he considered Sanders’ to have a slightly unrealistic sense about the political process, Frank answered glibly, “I didn’t say slight”.  Read more HERE

The letter to the DNC goes on to say: The Campaign has justifiable significant doubts, in light of Frank’s past and present comments, about whether he is capable of respecting Sen. Sanders’ supporters, and what he has called their “dumb” and “unrealistic” viewpoints…….Read more

The Campaign thus respectfully demands that Mr. Frank be disqualified as Co-Chair of the Standing Rules Committee.

Governor Malloy has candidly admitted that he “will continue to work hard to make sure Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States this November,” a pledge that the Sanders campaign justifiably believes would influence his work as Co-Chair of the Standing Platform Committee. Read more

If the request by the Sanders campaign to be treated a little more fairly once again falls upon deaf ears, they promise to shake things up at the Democratic National Convention and that’s a promise we are banking on them keeping.

Read the entire Letter HERE

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