In 2014, Clinton Made More Money in 20 Minutes Than Sanders Did All Year

By C-SPAN [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By C-SPAN [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Last night at the Democratic Debate in New York, Hillary Clinton once again ran away from giving a definite answer about releasing the transcripts. This story has been talked about so much that unless you’ve been living under a rock it needs absolutely no context. But here we are 70 days after the first time she was questioned about it on a broad scale and still no transcripts have been released.

She did however pressure Bernie to release his 2014 Tax Return. Sanders, when questioned about it, explained that he and his wife Jane, who does the taxes for the couple, have been a little busy with the campaign. Sanders promised his return would be a little boring. Guess what, he’s right and BTW, right on time. he released it. To view U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2014 federal tax return, click here.

Now that his boring tax return is out of the way, it is time for Clinton to release the transcripts. Why is it a big deal? Well first of all she said she’d look into releasing them and then it turned into, I’ll release them when everyone else does. At this point in the contest, there isn’t much to talk about regarding Wall Street speeches from anyone but her, so that argument is over. Even when pressed by CNN moderator Dana Bash about the fact that she is running for the Democratic nomination and her opponent clearly has no Wall Street speeches Clinton ran from the subject.

This is where the mainstream media can be pretty frustrating, I mean where in the hell are the journalists that could blow this story out of the water? Instead they joke about it and laugh it off like it’s not that big of a deal. Of course we know that she has accepted big money from the media and they are a big part of the reason she is allowed to run roughshod over our democracy. Independent media sources have talked and talked about it but none have the audience that corporate media has, so the story hits the news cycle for a while and then withers again.

The real reason that she needs to release them but probably won’t is the content. We have seen videos like this one HERE where she at least partly blames the housing crisis on home buyers, rather that big banks. She claims she will ‘take them on‘ but it’s hard to imagine that scenario, with the kind of dough they have given her.

When you look at her massive list of speaking engagements, HERE, it’s clear that there aren’t many industries she hasn’t given speeches to. But the ones that stick out are the speeches to Goldman Sachs, who in addition to the speaking fees, has also contributed quite generously to her campaign. Goldman Sachs has been at the center of so much that went on during and after the crash, in fact they just recently admitted they were selling junk securities and settled with the government for over five billion dollars.

So what are in those private speeches?

Does she expand on why she thinks the home buyers were to blame? Does she make promises of special favors to the attendees? Does she tell the company she has its back? So much speculation. It’s doubtful however that her speeches to them tell them that she is going to ‘take them on’. Think about it. It has to be something pretty damning though, something that her advisers probably say would cost her the election. Because they have to know by now how this looks to the American people and that not releasing them also should and very well could be costing her the nomination. At the very least, her trustworthiness sinks to historic levels everyday she stalls.



G.A. Dunlap

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