New York Feels The Bern

The New York Debate between Presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton started at a slow simmer and rapidly accelerated into verbal napalm launched across the stage at one another. Fifteen minutes into the debate the feeling turned and the contentious thoughts and opinions appeared. Although both candidates were rough with one another, true sentiments – and bold faced lies – came out to highlight differences between the corporate Clinton machine and Sanders people led revolution.

Online polls during and after the debate show Bernie Sanders as the clear debate victor. Reuters is placing Sanders ahead of Clinton in New York polls, as well as nationally. With victory in all recent contests despite a long slog of mainstream media blackout, Senator Sanders rise in popularity and support is a true movement of the every day person. While major news outlets fail to cover the Sanders campaign and the bern taking over the nation, individual supporters spread articles via social media and represent with signs, shirts, and stickers on their vehicles to initiate conversations about Bernie Sanders. Many Sanders supporters have taken the Bernie or Bust mantra, voicing refusal to support Clinton if she is nominated as the democratic candidate for presidency at the convention in June.

You will find people vehemently opposed to a Clinton nomination in New York with a quick look around. When the IBEW Local #3 chose to endorse Hillary Clinton, it’s members energetically defended their support of Bernie Sanders and demanded their voices be heard on the Union’s Facebook page. Members commented that Bernie was on the picket line with them, and asked why Clinton had been given the endorsement without asking the brothers and sisters of the union.

The answer on IBEW #3s facebook page was:
“Local #3 IBEW We are not opposed to Bernie. If you wanna vote for Bernie go for it. Bernie has never reached out to us for our endorsement. Hillary has. We love Bernie…but Hillary’s the one!”.

Members of the union were incensed by this answer, commenters such as Scott Haberstroh stated
“Bernie Sanders is walking the Verizon picket line with OUR OWN MEMBERS today, and you endorse his opponent just because her team asked you to and his didn’t? Actions speak louder than words. Nice job.”.

Another IBEW #3 member, Anthony Incandela, chose to make his voice heard clearly “I a member of local union # 3 I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS ENDORSEMENT”

At each new event, rally, speech, or debate Bernie Sanders walks away with more supporters, and creates stronger opposition for Clinton. For those who want radical change, Clinton’s weak platform of slow change and lack of progressive values just aren’t good enough. The people have been promised incremental change and baby steps by politicians for their entire lives, and the standard GOP stance doesn’t make Clinton appeal to a large liberal demographic. As each contest is won by Sanders her precarious hold on super delegates is slipping as the people demand accurate representation from their elected officials. Constituents send emails, make phone calls, and engage in social media postings to their elected officials demanding support for their preferred candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Though the DNC and individual state democratic parties continue to conspire and rally for Clinton’s campaign, the people are ensuring their voices will be heard. Sanders supporters are showing up in record numbers to rallies, caucuses, and primaries while watching carefully to guarantee transparency and fairness in the elections. Bernie Sanders is not only a presidential candidate, he has become a symbol of the movement for peace and change that our citizens demand.

The New York democratic primary happens on Tuesday April 19th. Brooklyn born Bernie Sanders is pitted against Clinton as she claims New York as her home state due to her senate seat. I don’t expect the good people of New York to elect Hillary Clinton as their democratic candidate for presidency, but instead to continue the irrefutable momentum to slingshot Senator Sanders to the white house.

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Anna McCann

Anna McCann - lives in Las Vegas/Hawaii. Mom, Wife, Pilot, nerd, outdoor enthusiast, hiker, lifeguard, obstacle runner, conservationist who likes to live as off grid as possible and love the land. Controller for a multi media publishing company (for now) and life changer with The Bern Report. I don’t try things, I conquer them. Lets change the world. #NotMeUs

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    April 15, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    Bernie is my choice and that of my grown family….He is honest, hard working, most importantly….for the people…..I live in mid coast Maine and see BERNIE stickers and lawn posts all over…….A friend of mine that lives in Millbury MA said people are standind on the overpasses and waving Bernie signs….GO BERNIE WE LOVE YOU!

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