Latest ISideWith Poll Results Show Sanders Winning in All 50 States


isidewith congrAs Bernie’s campaign continues to pick up steam, the latest results from  show the momentum has carried Bernie to a commanding lead in the latest results. With 310,729 votes cast over the period of the last three months, Sanders is way out in front. In August,  according to I Side With, Sanders was ahead in 49 states with Clinton holding on to a slim lead in her home state of Arkansas but the lead there vanished in September as well. Of course as we have said before, this is not a scientific poll by any stretch of the imagination but it shows just how popular the Vermont senator has become, especially with the millennial crowd who more likely to take an online poll rather than answer a landline phone, since, well most of them don’t have a landline phone.

We’d maintain this poll is however a more accurate indicator of what is happening with Bernie’s movement. Traditional polls use landlines phones and usually call people that voted along a certain party line last time – and neither one of those things represents Bernie’s massive amount of support. A great example is an Iowa poll that was released yesterday showing Clinton with mind-boggling 41 point lead. Of course a closer look at the methodology shows that out of the 400 people contacted for the poll, 300 of those were on a landline telephone. [insert laughing noises] Also not in the shocking headline was the fact that they only called people that voted in 1 out of the last 2 Democratic Primaries but it gets better. 21% of the people on the list have seen Hillary Clinton in person.

So, thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick with an online poll that counts the votes of several hundred thousand people and doesn’t exclude people because they don’t own a landline telephone.

State results were calculated from 310,729 voters for August, September,October 2015 for the question “If the Presidential election were held today, which candidate would you vote for?”

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7 thoughts on “Latest ISideWith Poll Results Show Sanders Winning in All 50 States

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    October 28, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    Need Massachusetts Campaign info. From No. Attleboro. Times a waisting. Willing to do just about anything here in Massachusetts or R. I. Would be more impactful in R. I. Stickers, hats,shirts. In a recovery program for 28 years. Lots of friends in this community.

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    October 28, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    If you’re interested with unbiased data on the candidates, pulled from over 100 million online conversations, check out the social listening data I’ve been pulling on the candidates. I think you’ll find it interesting:
    Contact me with any questions.
    Btw, I’m team Bernie, but this is objective data, and it still has him out front.

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    October 29, 2015 at 1:15 am

    Have you noticed the way that Fox news and CNN have very gradually adjusted their fake polling numbers to, at first, get more in line with the people who were blatantly calling them out on their misrepresentations ?
    At one point, there was a claim that Jeb Bush was in second place among Republicans. The Republican voters angrily commented on facebook, and suddenly, within a week, he was down to 6 percent. Now they are creeping Ben Carson up, slowly but surely.
    I am one of those people with a whole bunch of facebook friends. They do not all think like me by any stretch of the imagination. I have a lot of friends I have known for twenty or more years and then I have a lot whom I have never met, from everywhere and anywhere .
    So, about 68 percent of my American friends are Democrats, maybe 30percent Republicans. Two percent are still none of the above. A lot of the Democrats were not party affiliated until Bernie Sanders hit the scene. Not one Republican I know is saying they are voting for Ben Carson. That he is edging up near Trump on the Republican side is an MSNBC /CNN/FOX lie.
    About eighty percent of the comments I read from my friends are in favor of Bernie Sanders. I don’t know how CNN can continue the lie that Clinton is leading the race. I have two friends who are voting for her. Two ! Out of ???over a hundred Face book friends. Most of the Republican friends I have either like Rand Paul or Donald Trump. I am hoping to bring all of my people to Bernie’s side. He has to be ahead in real life because the randomness of my friend’s list confirms this. Everyone loves him. The only people who have anything negative to say about him are one Republican who refuses to say who he is voting for (probably Trump ) and 4 people who are voting for “None of the Above “. None of the Above beats Carson snd Clinton. Bernie is already the winner, if my friends in America who comment on Facebook are a representative of voters, which I believe they are. And if my foreign friends are counted, they are Sanders all the way !

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    October 30, 2015 at 11:53 am


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    October 31, 2015 at 11:28 am

    Hi there. Same exact situation for me. I have many friends and I only know two of them that are voting for her. That story is the same all over America. But remember these polls only a very select group of people, in fact I think they call people that they know will likely deliver the answer that they want.

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