Watch Bernie Sanders Talk About Women’s Rights in This 1988 Video

Classic Bernie Sanders – 1988 Interview – Individuals with Money Dominate the Political Process

With the talk that has circulated over the last several days, started by Hillary Clinton insinuating that Bernie Sanders was perhaps being a sexist when he mentioned that people need to stop shouting about the gun control issue, with thought it would be a good idea to quiet those voices. The video below shows Bernie talking about what they did in Burlington, Vermont to help even the playing field for women in the work force.

Bernie Sanders, then the Socialist Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, appeared on C-SPAN in 1988 to answer host and audience questions about his concerns as a mayor in the 1988 presidential elections. Mayor Sanders argued that neither of the political parties were responsive to the people and that individuals with money dominated the political process. Bernie’s message is still the same on the issues discussed – healthcare, income inequality, war mongering, pay equity for women, etc.

Not much has changed from when Bernie did this interview 27 years ago but he hasn’t stopped fighting for equal rights for all. The one thing that IS different though is that now he just might be able to do something about the problems that have been plaguing us for decades.

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G.A. Dunlap

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