Op Ed: Illinois Poised to Break The Race Wide Open

Hillary is going to find out the difference between a place like Chicago and those southern states where she won real quick… Just like Trump found out, things that might get some play in South Carolina won’t even make it to the stage in this town. The Windy City is so keenly attuned to breezy lip service from politicians that it’s literally the basis for our nickname, not the 25 mile an hour gusts sweeping in from off the lake.

Here’s what pundits and number crunchers from the Beltway don’t seem to be factoring in to their election forecasts. At least not out loud to the average boob out in TV land, anyways…. The Chicago Teachers Union is on the verge of shutting down the entire city because of millionaire politicians who have sold out education to monied interests in finance. In spite of this, we are supposed to believe that Hillary can count on teachers’ support while being propped up by the same hedge fund managers who are looking to turn the entire CPS into one big charter school.

Another tidbit that gets missed in wall to wall Trump coverage serving as a distraction from any reasonable policy discussion is that Black Lives Matter protestors rallied thousands in the streets long before that carnival barker brought his dog whistle to town. Not too long ago, BLM was rallying protestors in opposition Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. CNN and friends would love it if you’d believe that those black lives still #standwithhillary even though she’s cut from the same cloth as the mayor Chicagoans were marching against just a few short months back. If you could America, please also disregard the fact that Rahm recently endorsed Hillary for president.

Black Chicagoland voters aren’t the only demographic that are going to surprise Secretary Clinton’s numbers guy, unless of course he remembers that Hillary lost the Latino vote in Nevada. She’d better hope it’s true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, because I gather that Chicago has a few Latinos here and there. We’ll find out how well that whole pandering abuela move works out in the city by the lake.

Illinois is going to break this race wide open, exposing some Chicago-sized potholes along Hillary’s supposed road to victory. Just like Detroit, Chicago and neighboring Union towns shed thousands of manufacturing jobs thanks to policies like NAFTA that were touted by the Clintons. We have also lost our share of service members across the state in large part to the Iraq war which she hawkishly voted for. The veterans who did make it back happen to remember that the other democratic candidate is a big reason they can get the care they need any time they feel the Bern.

Michigan was just the tip of iceberg. Grab a map. Do you see where we’re situated? Right next-door to a virtual tie in Iowa (where Hillary shed a 50 point lead) and just around the bend from victories in Michigan and Minnesota… This is by no means Hillary country.

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    March 14, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    O.K. , this is what I got out of the phoned in interview with Hillary Clinton ; She has spent a very long career , she mentioned , as Senator of New York and Secretary of state TALKING about various possible change to our country to uplift the middle class. In the meantime Senator Sanders, while on the campaign trail has successfully won his lawsuit in Ohio on behalf of 17 year old voters. Quick mention, Hillary Clinton’s comment IS offensive but for me , more towards all and any other children….she sounds snotty and one upmanship and there is a real lack of grace in being that way involving children. Now, MY testimony as a lifelong New Yorker ; as Senator from New York , she was a NO ACHIEVEMENT politician. Her record stands as having done nothing more than talk and take photos with famous people in other country’s. At her campaign office in downtown Brooklyn the neighborhood people asked what her past achievements have been, a legitimate question for voter to ask. She responded by saying ” Buy my book, it is in there.”. Well my friend did and he tells me there is nothing of consequence in there. Hillary Clinton in that interview stated she knows she is the person for the job yet her record of success in policy making is worse than scarce, it is closer to non existence.

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    March 15, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Splendid article, powerful, true, and just what I needed to hear – a reality check that resonates. Thank you so much for speaking up!

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