Why Hillary’s Money Concerns Raise Doubts About her as President

Here’s the problem Democrats are trying to grapple with regarding Hillary’s fundraising issues, speaking fees and corporate ties which have netted her well over $150 million dollars to date. It’s important to start off understanding that Bernie has raised an historic amount of donations from people largely because Americans are fed up with our government being sold to the highest bidder. If Bernie Sanders, a once “relatively unknown Senator from an obscure state like Vermont” can raise $100 million dollars without a super PAC and without mega donors, I guarantee you Hillary could have done the same, provided at least that she had very publicly divested from all of her shady corporate backing.

We have to remember that at the beginning of this race, Hillary was the one with the name recognition, the experience, and the support of women and men across America. There is little doubt, given what Bernie has been able to accomplish, that progressives would have rushed to her side. Especially IF she had said “I am not a corporate puppet, they cannot buy me,” and then she, in a show of good faith and conscience, donated any questionable money she’s received to a cause like say perhaps starting a black lives matter scholarship in the name of folks like Sandra Bland and Eric Garner (or some other worthy cause, or multiple causes etc).

Because she hasn’t made such an appeal for penance, and has yet to fully divest from the vast majority of her most unsavory connections, it is worth exploring possible reasons why, and examine the rationale or lack of better judgement:

#1.) “Maybe she couldn’t have won without help from big money… She needed to be able to compete with Republicans.” This obviously can’t be true because of the aforementioned reasons regarding Bernie’s monumental donor success. It is only reasonable to assume progressives would have rushed to her side like they rushed to Bernie’s, especially if she had asked for our help and explained why the cause was so dire.

Now that we have ruled that rationale out, the following reasons are less easily justified.

#2.) She doesn’t trust progressives and Democrats ENOUGH to be financially and emotionally invested in her cause. And, if this were the case, there’s no way liberals could have been expected to win back the congress in 2018. If this were the case, and she truly doesn’t believe in us to rally behind her, how can she expect us to fight the battles necessary to regain control of the legislative branch?

#3.) She has been consumed by greed and really doesn’t care where the money is coming from. This possibility is terrible no matter which way we look at it, and so for argument’s sake and for the sake of Hillary’s accomplishments, let’s rule that out.

#4 And probably most likely.) She ultimately lacks the foresight necessary to make the difficult decision to divest from shady corporate ties, and she cannot gauge the pulse of the country or understand what is troubling average Americans like the fact that our government is now explicitly for sale. Let’s not kid ourselves, if this is the case, and she cannot understand what’s troubling the average American, then she doesn’t understand how to lead average Americans. And if she doesn’t have the foresight to make difficult decisions, as she has shown to be lacking on more than one occasion–Iraq War, Keystone, Gay Marriage, TPP, NAFTA, criminal justice – then she’s not the best choice to be our next Commander in Chief.

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