Sanders is choice of the youth in Cali, according to latest poll

Sen. Bernie Sanders is overwhelmingly the choice of young voters in the upcoming California Presidential Primaries, according to Public Policy Institute for California’s newest poll, released on May 25.

The “Californians and Their Government survey,” funded by the James Irvine Foundation and administered to 1,704 Golden State voters, found that Sanders was the choice of 66 percent of Democratic voters aged 18 to 44, with just 27 percent selecting opponent Clinton.

Sanders also leads when voters were asked which of the Democratic candidates they would choose over Republican nominee Donald Trump in the general election.

Sanders won with 53 percent of the vote, opposed to Trump’s 36 percent. Independent voters also chose Sanders against Trump, with 61 percent of independents going Sanders.

Trump’s threat of building a wall to keep out Mexican and other immigrants out has resonated with Latino’s with 73 percent favoring Sanders over Trump and 71 percent picking Clinton.

In a Clinton versus Trump race, 49 percent of California voters polled would pick the former Secretary of State over Trump, at 39 percent.

They polled 1,704 possible California primary voters by phone and cell phone and is plus/minus 3.3 percent, with 95 percent confidence.

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Shawn Skager

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