Sanders still in good shape as all eyes focus on March 10

One thing I’ve learned over the course of the last almost five years in the #NotMeUs movement is that even when facing fairly stiff odds, Berners have met the challenge time and time again. If you’ve been closely following the race for the Democratic nominee in 2020, you’ve likely experienced all sorts of emotions. From from incredible highs when a poll comes out showing us ahead, or nerve shattering lows like when Bernie Sanders had the health scare back in October. And we faced stiff odds in the beginning of the campaign. Granted, we started in a better spot than we did in 2015 when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders first announced but we still faced massive odds. For several months the Sanders campaign seemingly trailed (in the minds of the pundit class) whoever was the DNC darling of the day, whether it was Beto, Biden, Kamala, Warren or Buttigieg. In the last few months that began to change and the media started looking at him like he had a real shot.

But since I brought up October, let talk about that for a minute. When the news broke about Bernie’s temporary heart issue, the pundit class saw it as a way to bury the Sanders movement once and for all. The calls for him to drop out were nonstop for 48 hours or more. See their biggest weapon isn’t facts and/or data, it’s fear and all they need is something, even if it’s mostly hyperbole and they go crazy with it. Try to recall that week though, we went from the lowest of the lows followed by the highest of the highs when shining star AOC endorsed Bernie.

I’m pointing this out because the media in the last few weeks have been licking their lips again and I bet disgraced former MSNBC host Chris Matthews is kicking himself right now for being such a creep, he could have been in on the venom being launched at the Sanders campaign right now. Here’s the thing though, everything they are throwing our way has been telegraphed. The polls with questionable data, the expected smear pieces in the New York Times and the deafening silence from MSNBC and CNN as a protester unfurled a Nazi flag at a Sanders rally in Phoenix. It’s a lengthy list but these are things we should be expecting, since they’ve literally been happening for as long as Bernie has been running, both times. None of these things should take away from the reality that Banders and Biden are neck and neck in the delegate race.

This brings us to today, the only day we can do anything about and the upcoming contests on Tuesday March 10. It’s a big day for both the Sanders campaign as well as the Biden campaign.

The 352 delegates available March 10:

Idaho – 20 delegates
Michigan – 125 delegates
Mississippi – 36 delegates
Missouri – 68 delegates
North Dakota – 14 delegates
Washington – 89 delegates

The polling we’ve seen from these states has been fairly typical of the manufactured Biden Bounce but if we do what we know we CAN do and that is turn out the youth vote and those that have given up previously on the political process, we can walk away with a number of wins on March 10.

A lot is being said online about whether Sanders should change his strategy, in fact Matt Taibbi has a great piece in Rolling Stone today about what he feels is the best strategy going forward and I have to admit he brings up some good points. An argument can be made that approach the campaign has taken so far has worked, I mean when this campaign started few people expected us to be close to tied after Super Tuesday, yet here we are. That said, a valid argument can be made for making adjustments to match current conditions and I’d be lying if I said I don’t favor the latter.

It’s pretty clear by now with the data from several states that have voted by now. If we turnout our people in the numbers we know we have, we will win. We can’t expect to change the minds of fearful older moderates, even the ones that sort of like Bernie. No the media has worked too hard on them. Our focus needs to remain on the youth and the disengaged and getting them to vote in bigger numbers than ever before, we do that and we win.