They Will Start Calling Bernie Sanders A Liar As the Next Political Tactic

Image from Youtube
Image from  Youtube

It starts with Mrs. Clinton calling Bernie Sanders a liar as she loses it when responding to a Greenpeace representative. It was then noticed in the closing of This Week with George Stephanopoulos, on 4/3/2016, when a guest named Hugh Hewitt suggested Bernie had lied in response to George’s first question during an earlier interview on his show.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Bernie Sanders in Milwaukee last night. He joins us live this morning.

Senator Sanders, thanks for joining us this morning. We’ve talked to you many times about Donald Trump. You’ve called him a liar, you’ve called him a nutcase. Now comparing him to Hitler?

SANDERS: Oh no, no, there’s nothing to do — no, that’s not right. What I talked about there was a Muslim woman there next to me, and she is telling me that, what is true, is that people in the Muslim community are very fearful now. She was describing a kid who now locks the door at night.

And what I was saying is I’m going to do everything that I can to kind of stop those Islamophobic attacks so that kids in this country who happen to be Muslim are afraid. No, I did not compare Trump to Hitler. But I will do everything that I can to stop this type of hatred and hate talk that we are hearing.

Based on George’s confused question, George’s guest, Hugh Hewitt, stated at the end of the show,

Thank you for pressing Senator Sanders on the Hitler analogy. He did make a Hitler analogy. He walked it back when he talked to you. And that’s part of the — Donald Trump is not Hitler. Donald Trump is not Mussolini, like other people have written. He’s — he’s a very amateuristic, sometimes campaign. He — but he is not that. And you pushed him and Bernie walked it back, today, this morning.

This is the link to Bernie’s speech, and the section in question is about 35 minutes in. You can decide for yourself whether or not Hugh Hewitt is an idiot. Bernie talks about the big picture, not about Trump. (It’s a good speech, you might want to listen to the whole thing.)

It came up more blatantly, later in the morning, on Meet The Press, when Chuck Todd asked Hillary Clinton about the lies told by Bernie Sanders. Mrs. Clinton said,

“So when people make these kinds of claims, which now I think I have been debunked; actually The Washington Post said three Pinocchios, The New York Times also analyzed it, and other independent analysts have said that they are misrepresenting my record. I’m just not going to, I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who, you know, believe this. They don’t do their own research. And I’m glad that we now can point to reliable, independent analysis to say, “No, it’s just not true.”

Chuck Todd responded with,

“Do you believe that he’s been lying about other parts of your record, or just this instance when you said that?”

Previous research suggests Bernie Sanders has been speaking the truth and Hillary Clinton is blatantly lying (see here and here) in her efforts to create the illusion she would be a good President. Given the access to the internet, calling Bernie a liar seems an insane tactic.

This insane tactic may be the result of Bill de Blasio stepping into his new position as Mrs. Clinton’s campaign advisor. This fits well, because in early April, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended her against the criticism she has taken money from the oil and gas industry. This new tactic may also be, in part, an extension of her “losing it” moment, when she yelled at a Greenpeace representative.



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