Who Is Nina Turner?

Nina Turner via YouTube
Nina Turner via YouTube

Nina Turner has become known nationally as a voice for voting rights, for workers’ rights and for marginalized people. She has a strong record of standing up for middle-income and working people.

Ms. Turner made the decision in November to drop her support for Hillary Clinton, and begin helping Bernie Sanders with his bid for the nomination. This was a major blow to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, in part, because she had served on the board of Correct the Record, a Clinton super PAC. She stated her endorsement of Bernie Sanders has resulted in some rebuffs from the Clinton camp in Ohio.

Ms. Turner stated,

“I was approached by a Clinton supporter who said that I am doing a disservice to the country. It was very insulting.”

Ms. Turner said that, despite her early support for Clinton, she had not formally endorsed the former Secretary of State. Nina stated,

“Clinton did not lose my support, so much as Bernie Sanders earned it, with his attention to issues important to me.”

“I’m very attracted by his message and his style. And that he has held pretty much strong on his beliefs, and the world is catching up with him.”

Turner added that Sanders’ positions on voting rights and wage issues have stood out to her.

Nina Turner is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Cleveland’s John F. Kennedy High School in 1986. She worked for a few years before meeting and marrying Jeffery Turner, and then returned to school, receiving an Associate of Arts degree from Cuyahoga Community College. She continued her education and also gained a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts (1997) degree from Cleveland State University.

Ms. Turner’s first elected office as a Cleveland City Council Representative for Ward One was in 2005. In 2008, Ms. Turner was unanimously selected by the Ohio Senate Democratic caucus to serve in the Senate term. In the 128th General Assembly, Nina Turner served as “Ranking Minority member on the Senate Highways & Transportation and Judiciary Criminal Justice Committees”. In 2010, she won her Senate seat and was elected as Minority Whip.

Her support is important to Bernie. She strongly believes presidential candidates need to “earn” the black vote. Black voters are not going to simply get in line to follow Hillary Clinton. You have to earn their vote. Nina Turner believes Bernie Sanders is doing that.


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    February 1, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    I met wonderful Ohio State Senator Nina Turner on Saturday January 30th at two different Bernie Sanders’ offices in Las Vegas Nevada. She is great, to me she seems to carry this beautiful peace within.

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